Burned Meal Photo and Story Contest

Ok, some fun…  Ode to a Burned Meal – Photo and Story Contest
Carbonificator.com was born, as my wife and I would enjoy deep conversation, accidently burning our dinner. Rather than get angry, we would joke… “We burned the food again.” As my wife is from Europe, she will sometimes “Invent” a word.
Thus, via “Invention” of a word, to make light of a burned meal, the word “Carbonification” was born.
I know that we are not alone. In fact, thousands of house fires begin in the kitchen. Carbonificator Photo and Story Contest We will be running a contest through the end of December. You are invited to upload a photo of your “Carbonification Event”, along with a full story.
**Injuries or House fires may not be submitted, as there is no humor in such events. **Carbonificator Photo and Story Contests are for real burned food stories that do not end in injury or loss of property.
If you have a story of an accidental Carbonification event, perhaps some photos, we would love to share it. Have fun, be safe, and Carbonificate with Caution!

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